The End is for Dogs

Everyone is gone. My humans are gone. I am left without a home and I am all alone. I have been searching for my people for a couple of days now and I am starving. I haven’t found any people, but I have found another fellow dog. He says his name is Jack and he is trying to find his people too! We don’t know where they went…maybe on a vacation? They never leave without saying goodbye or see you later. Jack and I are on the search for food, since we don’t have our normal food anywhere out here in these weird woods, we have to find something. I smell something…I smell something that smells familiar. I start running and I hear something, it sounds like water. I haven’t been this happy since three days ago! I am so hungry and thirsty, this water is going to taste delicious! I go to take a big lick at the streaming river, but this water tastes like dirt. But I have found a fish, I am going to catch it and me and Jack are going to share it.

A year has gone by and the world is full of dogs just like me, everywhere! We are so happy and we have figured out how to hunt other animals. When we bark, we scare the birds. When we jump in the water, we scare the fish to where they are frightened enough that they freeze, that’s when we get them! The world is so great now, even though there are days that I miss my family and my home. They didn’t want me, so I had to make it on my own. Along the way I found so many other dog friends that I love this life even more! We never have humans yelling at us and we can eat whatever and use the bathroom wherever we want! Life with just dogs is the best life I have lived.

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  1. This was so cute! I bet a world full of dogs would be a friendlier world (I hope, anyways). It does make me wonder, if the world were to end for humans, what would happen to all the pets and animals dependent on them? Would they miss us or easily adapt? Your post brings up a lot of thoughts!

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