Finis…An Alternate Ending

I am going to be writing an alternate ending for the short story Finis. 

Original ending: 

“Kiss me!” she whispered suddenly, throwing her arms around his neck. He could feel her trembling. “Say you love me; hold me in your arms. There is only an hour.”

“Don’t be afraid. Try to face it bravely,” stammered Eastwood.

“I don’t fear it—not death. But I have never lived. I have always been timid and wretched and afraid—afraid to speak—and I’ve almost wished for suffering and misery or anything rather than to be stupid and dumb and dead, the way I’ve always been.

“I’ve never dared to tell anyone what I was, what I wanted. I’ve been afraid all my life, but I’m not afraid now. I have never lived; I have never been happy; and now we must die together!”

It seemed to Eastwood the cry of the perishing world. He held her in his arms and kissed her wet, tremulous face that was strained to his.

The twilight was gone before they knew it. The sky was blue already, with crimson flakes mounting to the zenith, and the heat was growing once more intense.

“This is the end, Alice,” said Eastwood, and his voice trembled.

She looked at him, her eyes shining with an unearthly softness and brilliancy, and turned her face to the east.

There, in crimson and orange, flamed the last dawn that human eyes would ever see.

New, alternate ending: 

“Kiss me!” she whispered suddenly. Eastwood thought to himself that her request was odd and like every world ending movie where there are only a man and woman left on Earth.

“No Alice, I can’t. We aren’t going to die. We can’t be the only survivors out there.” Eastwood told her in a very asserting tone.

Alice started to burst into tears thinking she was going to end her life alone and unhappy, as she had always been.

Suddenly, the two looking into the flame saw something bursting out of the “second sun.”

“Could it be? Could there be more life somewhere else?” screamed Alice to Eastwood. “What is that? Who is that?!” She continued on.

That’s when a big white space-like ship came flying slowly through the air. They both waved their hands as this was their only hope for life.

The floating ship came down and landed near them, they went running towards it. The ship opened and out came a new form of life.

Alice and Eastwood were thrilled to see these people that were different but not as much as they thought. These people were indeed people but with a little more robotic form to them.

Off went Alice and Eastwood in the flying ship to where the two suns collided.

The End.

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