Apocalypse Terms of Service

The Terms of Service listed below are the rules and regulations that every member of the apocalypse should follow. Meaning, if you are alive and breathing, you must follow the following policies:

  • Every member shall seek shelter when a apocalypse arrives (zombie, alien, nuclear, natural disaster, etc.) This shelter can include, a basement that includes rooms without windows, a cellar, a hidden room, etc.
  • Every member shall help one another in the event of an apocalypse if needed. Meaning, if you see someone hurt near you, you need to help. Exceptions include: if the person has a deadly infection and/or has a contagious virus.
  • Every member shall be stocked up on necessary supplies at all times to remain supplied when an apocalypse event occurs. These items should include: canned food items, first-aid kits, knives, scissors, fire starters, etc.
  • Every member shall help any animal in need, unless it is a deadly animal.
  • Every member shall help protect Earth at all costs. It is the only planet we can all live on and we must try to keep it livable.
  • Every member shall fight against zombies or aliens to eliminate all threats during either apocalypse.

Every member shall obey the Terms of Service listed above unless otherwise noted by authorities. Shall any member not obey the following Terms of Service and do the opposite of what is listed, they will immediately be fined or punished for their wrongdoings to our Earth and fellow people.

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