My Third Week Nearing the End

This week, I did a lot of writing. Not that I minded it, because I love writing and being creative with it. I started my week off with doing The Daily Create on Tuesday. This was a lot of fun because I was able to be creative with it and create a mini story.

I did two other Daily Creates, the first was on backwards day so I decided to post a picture of a guy riding his bike backwards…you don’t see that everyday! The second was the Generator Powered Stories, the story that I got was very interesting and probably something I or anyone would never read.

Throughout the week, I took each assignment slowly and thought about them each. The first one I did was the reading reflections of the two short stories we had to read. I actually really enjoyed reading the short stories, especially¬†Finis.¬†I thought this story got interesting as it climaxed. This was actually the story I used to create an alternate ending. The ending I created for this short story was much different from its original ending. Instead of ending life, I saved Alice and Eastwood’s life. I liked creating an alternate ending for a story that was already published because I was able to end it the way that I thought it would end best.

The Amazon product¬†review was probably the funniest assignment I have ever done. Just because anyone in the world could see my comment about the product and how it helped me survive the apocalypse! So people might think I am crazy if they ever come across my comment, but that’s okay. ūüėČ Finding a product wasn’t very hard because I just thought of a survival kit and I happened to come across the handy¬†bracelet.

I really enjoyed doing all of these assignments, because  I really like writing. I enjoyed being able to choose two assignments out of the Assignment Bank on my own because that gave the class some freedom and the ability to choose what we are interested in with things that relate to the apocalypse. I chose the Apocalypse Terms of Service and The End Is For Everything.

Question of the week:

In the event of an apocalypse, I think that I would be the person to share my supplies with those around me in need. I am a very helpful and caring person so I wouldn’t be able to see someone suffer knowing that I have things that could help them to survive. I would definitely help and share my supplies with my family and loved ones but also the people that really need them.

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