My Tenth Week Nearing the End

It is the end of week 10!! Crazy!! This week has been a learning week for me, I have learned a lot about video and I have enjoyed it. I started off with reading How to Read a Movie. I liked this reading because I thought it was insightful and I learned a lot about video that I didn’t know. The four short videos I watched about video also helped me, there wasn’t any speaking in three that I watched but I felt that I learned a lot just by them showing by example.

I did two daily creates this week. The first one I did was the fantasy animal. I used the fantasy animal from the movie Coco. It was too cute to not use.

The second one I did was design an imaginary instrument and this was mine.

The last things I did this week were the path one of video assignments. I did three different assignments to add up to eight stars. They were a lot of fun to me and I think they helped me improve my video skills. I did do one that was directed towards our radio show and I used my character and her segment specifically. You can find this posts under the tab Video Assignments.

Overall, this week has been a learning week but a fun one for me!

Question of the week:

How are the rest of you managing your time in this class? Do you guys find it easy or hard?

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  1. I could definitely manage my time better. I am so busy during the week, and typically save the work for DS until the weekend, so that is what I do Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes even Monday. I wouldn’t recommend what I do just because it makes everything more stressful, but whatever works best for you!

    What about you?

    1. I am the same way! I usually wait until Sunday or Monday to complete my work because I am so busy with my other classes during the week and I also work four days a week. So the weekends are best for me for this class and getting the work done!

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