My Past Two Weeks Nearing the End

The past two weeks have been pretty fun and relaxing for the most part. I finished up my novel The Passage, which I really enjoyed, but man, was that a LONG book. I did four daily creates, I did the two we were required to do and I did the animal swap and manga me daily creates! Those were fun and my tweets are posted below.

The radio show has been fun overall. I wish that I had been able to meet with my group in person both of the times that they met. Unfortunately, with work and being a commuter I was unable to do so. I am meeting with them tomorrow though because I don’t have work and we are going to finalize everything. I think that putting this radio show together has been different for me because I have never done something like this before. It is definitely fun because you are able to be creative with it. I like that we can be funny but serious at the same time.

Overall, I have enjoyed this and I can’t believe we are really nearing the is coming SO quick.

Question of the week:

If the apocalypse happened and I had to become something else I would become a vampire. I think that vampires are cool because they live forever and they can run SUPER fast. I am definitely one of those people that thinks of the Twilight series when I think about vampires. The only downfall of being a vampire would be having to drink blood. I guess if I am a vampire, I would get used to it and figure out fast that if I don’t drink it, I may not last.

3 Replies to “My Past Two Weeks Nearing the End”

  1. We definitely missed you during the first recording of our radio show, but the recording of your segment sounded really great! Also, I totally think of Twilight too when I hear vampires. And I agree that it may be a struggle to obtain blood, but I guess you would have to get used to it!

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you thought of The Passage next week when we do assignments around novel choices. I read it years ago, and I’ve read the other two books in the trilogy in the series since then. I think it’s pretty great, but it is LONG!

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