My Ninth Week Nearing the End

I can’t believe it has been nine weeks already…this semester sure is flying by! This past week has overall been a pretty relaxing one, at least in this class, thankfully! My other classes have definitely been a handful. I listened to my group’s radio show and one other group this past week. I enjoyed listening to them when I got the chance, because it was interesting to see what we did different than other groups.

I did three daily creates this week, they were all pretty fun and quick. The first one I did was giving my favorite animal species a different name. I picked a sea lion and gave it the name sea dog. I gave it this name because, sea lions are just like dogs, they are nice, they are playful, they can play catch (with fish), and they typically like people!

The second one I did was the question of cats or dogs? I definitely said both, but I leaned toward cats because I just recently got two Bengal kittens. I do have another cat and two other dogs, but with two kittens…they are so tiny and playful! I definitely love both cats and dogs equally though.

The last one I did was the still life daily create. We have some flowers sitting in the middle of our table so I decided to quickly sketch out one of them to recreate it. This took me about two minutes to draw and I used my little brother’s sketch book and crayons to do this. ๐Ÿ™‚

I REALLY enjoyed this week because this class was more relaxed than my others, so when it was time for me to do work in here I felt like I was taking a break from my other classes and doing something that doesn’t stress me out too much.

Question of the week:

The one thing that I couldn’t live without in the apocalypse would be ChapStick. My lips are addicted to ChapStick, I have to have it on me at all times so that when my lips feel dry, I can put it on. I don’t lick my lips ever but I also make sure that my lips are always moisturized with ChapStick. The way that I would obtain this in the apocalypse wouldn’t be hard because I would have at least five with me if I knew the apocalypse was happening so that they could last me a long time…I would definitely be wise with how much I used per day to make sure five would last me through the entire apocalypse. Dry lips are not for me…I even mentioned this in the radio show as my character Bellamy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. CHAPSTICK! I TOTALLY FORGOT! OMG I would be so miserable without chapstick. I have a backpack chapstick, car chapstick, purse chapstick, pocket chapstick, bedroom chapstick… you name it I have a chapstick there because I can not live without! Good thinking on this one

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