My Final Two Weeks Nearing the End

The end is hear and I can’t believe it! This semester has been a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot about digital storytelling. The apocalypse theme just made it a whole lot more fun. These past two weeks, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to make my final story about. In the end, I came up with the virus theme of course to tell my story and how the government is trying to keep this apocalyptic virus on the low. I used three elements, writing, design, and visual. I hope that you all enjoy reading my story and that it all ties in to what we did this semester and everything that has happened with us trying to figure out this apocalyptic mystery.

I did seven daily creates within the past two weeks. The first one I did was one that I created.

The second was drawing the most important person in my life, which is my whole family and my boyfriend, but since my family is so big I did a quick sketch of my boyfriend. The third one I did was the ice-cream extravaganza! With my favorite ice cream ever,  coconut chocolate chip ice cream. The fourth was using a GIF to describe my experience with DS 106. The fifth was another one that I created:

The sixth was making a GIF from a scene of our favorite movie and saying why it was our favorite movie. The last one I did was if animals were combined.

Overall, these past two weeks have been fun and I can’t believe this semester is basically over. I have really enjoyed all of the work we have done in this class. I have also enjoyed reading everyone’s blog posts each week and seeing everyone’s creativity. I hope you all have a great summer!!

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