My Eleventh Week Nearing the End

Can you believe it is week eleven?! I can’t. This means I am getting closer and closer to graduating, which is crazy! This week was a fun week. I started off watching The Quiet Earth and creating a genre mashup with a pop song added onto it. I then answered the ten apocalyptic questions and those were fun/funny. I did the six stars of video assignments because I chose path one. I also created two daily creates which were fun to do. Lastly, I did two daily creates this week!

The first one I did was the required story telling one, where we added on to the person in front of us tweet with a GIF. This was fun and after everyone did it and I looked at our story…it was quite funny and interesting.

The second daily create I did was the one where we had to create a playlist that we would listen to while escaping the apocalypse. Below is my playlist!

Question of the week:

If I hear on the radio that the end has started, I would immediately drive home and call my parents, siblings, and boyfriend to tell them to gather everything necessary. Then I would tell them to seek shelter all together and we would all stick together to survive the end together!

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