My Favorite Photo

Below is my favorite photo I have taken. The reason why this is my favorite picture is because I love sunsets. Sunsets are so breathtaking and magical, they almost don’t seem real sometimes. That is what I felt when I was taking this picture and when I still look at this picture. It is breathtaking to me. It is a calming picture with accents of blue, purple, pink, and orange. The water that day was so calm and it was a warm night…my favorite kind of nights. I just felt at peace at the time of this picture. I can never pass up a good sunset and this one in particular was my favorite and my favorite picture I have taken in general.

Making this post:

When I was deciding on what picture I thought was my favorite that I took, I went through a lot of my family that I love. I decided to choose this one because it such a peaceful picture that anyone can relate to when I describe and talk about the way I feel towards it.

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