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When I was watching La Jetee, at first I was confused as to why we were watching a French film, then I figured it out. With the images throughout the film to tell the story instead of live action, showed us a different perspective on story telling through films. I do think that Terry Gilliam did a good job with this because while watching, I knew what was going on in each frame. In my personal opinion, I was not a big fan of it. I like live action movies instead of pictures and a narrator. I will say that it was a different, but interesting film.

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I decided to watch The Road for the long film we had to choose to watch. This film I really enjoyed. It was realistic, because this man and his son were survivors of an apocalypse and it shows their journey through the post-apocalypse. It showed their everyday struggles from looking for food to finding shelter and warmth when it was cold and rainy outside. The director created visuals where it drew the audience in to give us the emotion we should be feeling while watching a certain scene. I definitely had empathy for the father and son, because it was sad to see all of the things they went through when their life should have been normal if the apocalypse didn’t happen.

The gif I created is from a scene from this movie where the man is running while holding his son. This scene happened when they were chasing after a thief who stole their stuff. It shows the reality of what would happen if the apocalypse did happen and what people would do in order to survive.

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I watched La Jetee first and although it was meant to show us a different form of a film, I honestly did not enjoy it very much. I enjoyed The Road because it showed a real life perspective and there was nothing that was unrealistic, which I liked. It definitely kept me interested the entire time.

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  1. I also watched The Road! I liked it a lot, and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it! The scene you chose for your GIF was awesome! I loved that scene! The man and the boy are trying to catch the robber even though they are on their last legs, literally.

    I was also confused by the French at first in La Jetée, and then realized it’s a French title!! Haha!

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