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This assignment has been a pretty insightful one. First, I read How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert. I learned a lot from this because there were many things I didn’t know about movies when they produced them. For example, the character on the right compared to the character on the left. The character on the right is seen as “positive” and the character on the left is seen as “negative.” This just means that the character that is on the right is more dominant than the character on the left. Just from this small reading, I learned a good amount!

The four videos I watched on film making were interesting and kind of entertaining. I watched the Kubrick One-Point Perspective, The Shining Zooms, Tarantino from below, and Hitchcock loves bikinis. These were all videos that I found interesting and I learned something from each. I really liked The Shining zooms video, because they had so many scenes where they zoomed in and out, which I think made the entire movie more suspenseful.  The Tarantino from below was cool because while I was watching it, I realized that many times when the characters would be talking and the camera would be below them, we would be the thing that they are talking to.

The movie that I decided to watch was Night of the Living Dead (1968). This movie was a lot different than any other movie I have ever seen because it is SO old. The way that the camera was held was way different and unstable than it is today. Obviously, the color is different because back in 1968 it was black and white. Also, this movie was supposed to be scary…it definitely wasn’t, almost cheesy. I  guess back in the 60’s it was a lot different though and I am sure many people thought this movie was terrifying then. The video essay I did was from a scene in the beginning when the brother and sister are at the graveyard. I wanted to show the class that the person on the right is more “positive” or dominant over the person on the left. At least that’s how they try to make it seem in the beginning of the movie, but a lot happens within the first ten minutes that changes that. I don’t want to spoil the movie though for everyone reading this that hasn’t seen it. 😉

My video essay is posted below…enjoy!

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  1. Nice commentary. It would be interesting to juxtapose the positioning of the characters in this scene with later scenes in which she is placed on the right. is there a critical moment, for example, when this changes?

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