In the Woods

We live in an area where not many people go. There are around five houses next to ours and we live down a long, narrow, gravel road. It may sound weird, but the view is breathtaking, the view of the water and sunset everyday is something I will never get tired of.  The house is huge and it has a ton of windows, but I feel at home here…unless I am alone. It was a normal Saturday night when I was hanging out with my family when my dad kept mentioning that there was car that had slowly drove down our gravel path but then turned around and left. We did not think much of it since we have a couple of neighbors and maybe the person driving just could not find the right house. It wasn’t until another car came down a couple hours later when we started getting a little spooked out. This wasn’t normal.

Around midnight a third car came driving down the path when they suddenly stopped at the house next to ours that no one lives in. The car then slowly started to drive closer to our house…they turned off their headlights and just sat at the end of our driveway. My dad and boyfriend quickly hopped in one of our cars and drove down to the car. My mom and I could hear them and my dad kept saying, “who are you?” “what are you doing here?” My heart was beating out of my chest, I was not going to sleep. At the time we had four little kids over, my little brother and my boyfriend’s three cousins. The four of them started to get freaked out because they wanted to know what was happening, but we couldn’t tell them so we just made up an excuse. My little brother is just too smart that he figures out everything, so he started to tell the other kids what was happening. This didn’t help the situation.

My dad and boyfriend came back and told us that the woman in the car wouldn’t show her face. She was crying and said she was lost. This, to us, sounded like a fake story and someone was really trying to rob our house. I wasn’t going to let that happen. Once she left, I walked outside to make sure that no one had gotten dropped off in the woods by our neighbors house. I didn’t see anyone, but as I was out there, I looked in the distance and saw a car just sitting at a house a couple houses down from ours. We immediately thought that they were robbing that house.

My parents decided to get in the car to see what was happening down there. I waited and kept the doors locked to make sure we were all safe. When my parents came back the news they had for us was something unexpected…

This little shack, where no one except for one guy lives, was having a MASSIVE party. How would we have known?! The guy is never there and no one really has parties like that down where we live. So, all three of those cars that kept creeping down our gravel road were just lost and couldn’t find the party house. That’s when I realized that I needed to stop thinking the worst and making the scariest assumptions possible in the middle of the night. I have never been so relieved to hear something like that in my life…I was able to go to sleep peacefully that night knowing someone wasn’t trying to rob us.

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