Apocalypse Starter Kit & Reading Reflections

I thought that End Day was pretty interesting, the cameraman needed a little bit of practice though. I thought that the apocalypse that were outlined in End Day, were pretty realistic in terms of them talking about it. Each one that was shown in the show is something that could potentially happen to our world.  While I was watching End Day, I just kept thinking that each situation could happen to us even though it is very unlikely. The scariest situation in my opinion was the contagious virus that was being spread throughout the world. People were getting hit with it and were dropping like flies. With the vaccinations that we have today, this probably won’t happen. It just seemed so realistic, because we always hear about little viruses going around, now imagine if they were as big as the one in End Day and people around just started dropping…pretty scary. 

In the Routledge SF article, I learned that some people think there is sexism in catastrophe fiction because the male is always the one who basically survives the whole thing. This article talked about how apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction were very popular due to the fact that people just found it really interesting. I believe that people also find it interesting because they might have a thought in their head that these things could potentially happen one day, even though it is highly unlikely.

I read the excerpt from the book “The Passage” by Justin Cronin. I thought it sounded intriguing and something that I would want to read the whole way through. I am not usually a fan of reading nonfiction books unless they seem really interesting and this is one of those books.

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