Who is Bellamy Reyes?

Bellamy Reyes is one tough girl, from her childhood to being a young adult she has been shaped to be tough, strong, intelligent, determined, and curious. She is who we would call a Survivalist. Bellamy was born on May 6, 2000, she is 17 today. Bellamy has tan skin, golden, curly hair, and green eyes. She grew up with three siblings, two older brothers and one younger sister.  They all have the same features. They all grew up on a small island down near Dominican Republic with their parents. She lived in a small village where only the Reyes family could live. They were a tight family. That was until an invasion happened in their village, where Bellamy’s parents got killed and her two older brothers got kidnapped and taken away. Bellamy hasn’t seen her brothers since that day back in 2010. As a ten year old, she had to take care of her little sister who was only four. Bellamy had to grow up really fast and become a parent figure to her sister, Paisley.

Living on an island had its benefits for Bellamy, because she was able to get fish almost everyday for her and Paisley. Through the years as she has gotten older she has been faced with some challenges. More invasions, leading to her sister almost getting kidnapped and Bellamy almost getting killed. Bellamy never gave up though, at one point she fought off these invaders with a broken leg and broken clavicle. This has made Bellamy a strong, determined young adult. She was someone who didn’t feel safe on her island, so she was able to find and steal a boat to sail towards Puerto Rico. This is where Bellamy and Paisley are today.

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