This is the End

This final story for the end and boy is it a good one. I have kept my eyes open the entire semester for things that appear to be odd or out of place to me.

Writing Section:

First, I believe that there is a virus that is spreading throughout our area and it is not just a flu virus. This virus is something that can end the world or a good majority of it, making it an apocalypse. Now, the government doesn’t want us to think anything differently about the widespread virus happening around here and they want to keep it on the low. They  know that if they announce that this is an apocalyptic virus, then everyone is going to freak out. There are a few pieces of evidence I have of the government wanting to keep this virus on the low.

First, for this class we had to do an Amazon review on a product that helped us survive the apocalypse and so I picked a paracord bracelet and it was something that I found that didn’t have many reviews on it because I didn’t want people to think that I was losing my mind or anything. Well, the thing is…my comment AND the product disappeared off of Amazon days later. The bracelet was just a survival tool that had like five different things in it and you wore it as a bracelet. In my comment, I just talked about how this helped me survive the apocalypse and how amazing it was.

A screenshot of my review is below: 

The second weird thing that has happened was when Professor Burtis was recording our week five weekly video when a man, Dr. Rausch from a company came in to ask her a few questions. He was constantly asking her about different things students in our class did and he even brought up my product review that got erased. Now, he is with a company that deals with disease control…AKA they are dealing with this virus that is spreading and they don’t want the word of it getting out there.

The third thing is that there is an infection map, which shows all the areas in the United States that have been infected, but it doesn’t specify what it is. Infected by what??? The apocalypse virus? The answer has to be YES! This infection is surrounding our entire Fredericksburg area, so when Dr. Rausch saw all of us posting things about the end, he had to try and a put a stop to it immediately.

Lastly, Professor Burtis came down with what she thought was a cold. In one of the weekly videos she posted she was catching a cold, but I honestly think it was something else. I think this virus is coming off as what seems like a common cold but it gets worse quickly and people start to drop like flies. Think about it, when you have been in class this semester, did you see more empty seats than normal? I definitely have, and there have been a ton of people in my classes coughing and sneezing. I think this virus is more than a common cold and it is getting to people QUICK.

Photo section:

There are three photos that I am going to show you of people that have been infected. These may be a bit graphic, so viewer discretion is advised. These are three photos I have found of people that have been infected in our area. They consists of a man, a woman, and a child.

Design Section:

This is the last part to my whole virus story with evidence to show you guys that I am not crazy! One day while I was walking on campus I came across a flyer, at first I just glanced at it but then I did a double take and when I looked again, my jaw almost dropped to the floor. This flyer was about a virus!!! Not only was it about a virus but it was saying to go see Dr. Rausch in the UC????? WHAT!! Of course, we are the only ones that think this is crazy, but everyone else probably just thinks it is about a flu vaccination, but really this man is probably trying to take all of the people that have the virus symptoms and lock them up…just take a look for yourself.

I don’t know, it is all weird. There is definitely an apocalyptic virus happening around us right now and the government and the disease control center is trying to keep it on the down low so no one knows about it.

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