Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!

So as I was thinking about evidence and what I could write about with some  evidence that I believe is important…I came across this. A couple of weeks ago in a weekly video Professor Burtis was sick and coming down with something…this led her to canceling a showing by notifying us on Slack. Well, what if Professor Burtis is getting this apocalyptic virus? I have noticed in my classes lately that there have been fewer people each day, and  there are many people coughing and sniffling, are they about to get hit with this virus also?

We need to keep our eyes open and be aware that our professor and peers may be getting this so we need to STAY AWAY. Obviously connecting over social media is okay because we don’t come in contact with anyone face to face, but I nor any of you should risk getting this virus. This is clearly evidence to this apocalypse that it is in fact spreading and it has hit UMW already. Just not everyone, and many seem to think it is allergies or a common cold, but I assume otherwise.

Be safe out there and don’t breathe in anyone’s air… 🙂

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