Design Reflection

Overall, I enjoyed watching the TED Talks. I thought that both of them were very different, but I liked that. I really love Paula Scher’s work, she is creative and fun. Her work is straightforward in a way and she has fun with her designs.

David Carson and his designs are much different than Paula’s…I would definitely say his are a bit more out of the ordinary in the design world. David is someone, I think, who wants to be known as different and not the same as every other designer. Which I like that we watched both videos because we were able to get a feel of what designers are like and how they relate and differ. This gives us the idea of how we want to be in a designing perspective.

For the Canva design tutorials, I thought they were all really helpful. I thought I knew a good amount about design, I was wrong. Canva really showed me different ways to do things whether it was with branding, layouts, images, etc. I actually ended up doing more than seven tutorials because I was so interested in learning more, that I just kept going!

I think all three of these resources give me a better understanding of what goes on with design and how it works. I think that I have learned a lot about how I want to be as a designer through the two TED Talks. I think I got to see two very different designers and relate with one of them over the other. I definitely related more with Paula Scher and her designs because they are fun and easier to understand than David Carson’s.  I think that my designs are going to be fun and creative, but definitely easy to understand. Canva is a good tool and learning through those tutorials, I think will really help me this week.

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