Design Blitz

Above is my design blitz that I did. I decided to use my windows for alignment because they all have a connection by being the same size and evenly spaced apart. I used my Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes for hierarchy because they have Burt’s Bee’s in the biggest font and facial cleansing towelette’s just a little bit smaller and in a different color to show which is the most important. As you go down the font gets smaller. I used my little brother’s basket for repetition, because it shows the same sports over in the same pattern through the entire basket. For balance, I used my Louis Vuitton purse to show the stability and even spacing throughout. Lastly, I used the Frosted Mini Wheats cereal box for color, this has a good amount of colors in it and it depicts what mood you feel when looking at it. The main color is orange which usually means happiness or encouragement.

Behind the making of this post:

I really enjoyed doing this design blitz because I had to be creative throughout the week and think of each of the basic principles when I saw things. I thought it was going to be pretty easy at first, but it wasn’t. The principles are helpful when it comes to design. I thought when I saw certain things that they would fit into one of the principles, but many times they didn’t. I enjoyed this assignment overall! 🙂

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  1. I loved all the pictures you took, I especially loved the one of the windows, thats such a beautiful view. Here I was stressing finding signs and things outside my home, when all I could of done is search around my house for each of these characteristics. You did a good job with finding each of these design features.

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