Reading and Resource Reflection

Watching the video of Jad Abumrad explain how radio works was very insightful. What he talked about made so much sense to me. Especially when he mentioned the fact that audio is like him giving the audience a paint brush and us painting the picture with what he is saying. It gives us the freedom of imagining what we are hearing. Of course pictures are great but when you are just listening to something or someone describing things you create an image of what they are saying in your head and I love that.

I learned that you have to use your words to create graphic images for the audience. If you are telling a story over the radio and you aren’t using any specific descriptions, it is going to be hard for your audience to imagine that picture in their head while you are telling the story.

Coming into this class I had a pretty good amount of audio experience. I was on my high school’s dance team throughout all of high school and my senior year I was a captain. So I cut all of the music, and I used Audacity! I absolutely love audacity, it is easy to use and I have probably cut over 50 dances with over 100 songs between all of the dances. I definitely have some experience with Audacity, to say the least! I have never used SoundCloud before, but I am looking forward to using it. I also am looking forward to expanding my experience and knowledge with audio.

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