Frequency 2156…Can You Hear Me?

The Frequency 2156 website is pretty cool overall. It tells a story through different areas of the world where people put in audio after what seems like the apocalypse. I think they did a good job because when you listen to different audios you get an image in your head of where that person is and what they might be going through. One thing I would change about the website is the uploading part…it takes an awful long time. My clip was only ten seconds but it never uploaded. I put my location in Fredericksburg, VA at UMW because it wouldn’t let me choose my own location and that location existed, from I believe another classmate. I added my clip to SoundCloud, which is posted below. 🙂

The making of this post and audio:

For this audio I did, I added white noise, then I added effects to my voice in Audacity. I used the distortion and phaser, these two made my voice sound a little bit different which I liked. I really wanted it to sound like I needed help and was in desperate need of finding out that someone else was alive in this frequency and could respond to me.

AudioAssignments AudioAssignments2178

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