What’s the Meme?

This is the start of the 12 star assignments that I will be completing revolving around the book The Passage by Justin Cronin. This is a two star assignment and the meme I created is a confused, young girl and the meme is basically about her mom leaving her at a convent with a Sister. So one, her mom just abandons her and two, her mom leaves her to live with a stranger(s). I decided to use this picture because it is funny and it is a popular picture. Also, it seemed fitting for the situation that occurred in the book.

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Before and After the End

Below are the before and after pictures of surviving the apocalypse. It has been a rough journey trying to survive the apocalypse, but I did it.


The making of this post:

When deciding what I wanted to create for a before and after for the end, I thought it would be best if I used myself to show what it would look like if someone survived the apocalypse. This is what I think I would look like after, skin broken and discolored. This apocalypse would definitely be one that related to something nuclear or something with aliens. Since I did turn blue and my skin is not normal anymore. I used an app that had different filters where it added to your face, this one caught my eye! Definitely thought it’d be perfect for the apocalypse theme.

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