My Ninth Week Nearing the End

I can’t believe it has been nine weeks already…this semester sure is flying by! This past week has overall been a pretty relaxing one, at least in this class, thankfully! My other classes have definitely been a handful. I listened to my group’s radio show and one other group this past week. I enjoyed listening to them when I got the chance, because it was interesting to see what we did different than other groups.

I did three daily creates this week, they were all pretty fun and quick. The first one I did was giving my favorite animal species a different name. I picked a sea lion and gave it the name sea dog. I gave it this name because, sea lions are just like dogs, they are nice, they are playful, they can play catch (with fish), and they typically like people!

The second one I did was the question of cats or dogs? I definitely said both, but I leaned toward cats because I just recently got two Bengal kittens. I do have another cat and two other dogs, but with two kittens…they are so tiny and playful! I definitely love both cats and dogs equally though.

The last one I did was the still life daily create. We have some flowers sitting in the middle of our table so I decided to quickly sketch out one of them to recreate it. This took me about two minutes to draw and I used my little brother’s sketch book and crayons to do this. 🙂

I REALLY enjoyed this week because this class was more relaxed than my others, so when it was time for me to do work in here I felt like I was taking a break from my other classes and doing something that doesn’t stress me out too much.

Question of the week:

The one thing that I couldn’t live without in the apocalypse would be ChapStick. My lips are addicted to ChapStick, I have to have it on me at all times so that when my lips feel dry, I can put it on. I don’t lick my lips ever but I also make sure that my lips are always moisturized with ChapStick. The way that I would obtain this in the apocalypse wouldn’t be hard because I would have at least five with me if I knew the apocalypse was happening so that they could last me a long time…I would definitely be wise with how much I used per day to make sure five would last me through the entire apocalypse. Dry lips are not for me…I even mentioned this in the radio show as my character Bellamy. 🙂

Generate Cool Letters Revamp

The assignment I decided to revise was the generate cool letters assignment. The reason I decided to redo this assignment was because I felt that my original one was rushed and I didn’t take my time designing it. I used my character’s name and I talked about how I used tropical colors, well it looked more groovy than tropical.

My character, Bellamy, is from the Caribbean and so when I went back on the generator, I looked around and I actually came across a Caribbean font, the one below. I decided to use it and I used the tropical colors of blue and orange, but I also used grey to give it some boldness. I like this one a lot more than I like my original, I definitely spent more time on it. DesignAssignments DesignAssignments2101

Survivors at Sunrise Reflection

This is my final reflection post of our radio show! Overall, I really enjoyed doing this. I finally got to meet my group in person to do a final recording last Monday and it was a lot of fun. They were all so nice and fun, I enjoyed it.

Listening to our radio show, I thought we did a good job. We were entertaining and our segments weren’t too long to where the rest of the class would get bored while they were listening. Honestly, while I was listening, I thought it flew by so fast. I got to listen to the other radio show that went before ours, because it was a night that I got off of work early (yay!!) and the #apocairwave show was SO good. Their sound effects were amazing and the story overall was so interesting. They did really well putting it together and I LOVED their bumpers.


My Past Two Weeks Nearing the End

The past two weeks have been pretty fun and relaxing for the most part. I finished up my novel The Passage, which I really enjoyed, but man, was that a LONG book. I did four daily creates, I did the two we were required to do and I did the animal swap and manga me daily creates! Those were fun and my tweets are posted below.

The radio show has been fun overall. I wish that I had been able to meet with my group in person both of the times that they met. Unfortunately, with work and being a commuter I was unable to do so. I am meeting with them tomorrow though because I don’t have work and we are going to finalize everything. I think that putting this radio show together has been different for me because I have never done something like this before. It is definitely fun because you are able to be creative with it. I like that we can be funny but serious at the same time.

Overall, I have enjoyed this and I can’t believe we are really nearing the is coming SO quick.

Question of the week:

If the apocalypse happened and I had to become something else I would become a vampire. I think that vampires are cool because they live forever and they can run SUPER fast. I am definitely one of those people that thinks of the Twilight series when I think about vampires. The only downfall of being a vampire would be having to drink blood. I guess if I am a vampire, I would get used to it and figure out fast that if I don’t drink it, I may not last.

Survivors at Sunrise Radio Show

This is another progress post about how our radio show is going! This past week we recorded our individual parts. I, again, was unable to meet in person as I work every afternoon/night Monday through Thursday and my group met on Wednesday evening. I did record my part though at home and I sent it to Elaina, who is editing our radio show because she is great with audio!

We are meeting up tomorrow to finalize our show and get it sent to our professor. We are so excited for everyone to hear it, I think you all are going to enjoy it and definitely be entertained by it!

Can’t wait for you guys to listen to the Survivors at Sunrise this week. 🙂

Survivors at Sunrise

Elaina, Lauren, Jillian, and I all met in the HCC and over factime the Friday before spring break. I was the one that couldn’t meet in person as I am a commuter and I got done with class really early. We discussed a lot of ideas together and came up with a bunch! We then had to narrow them down to what we thought would be the best and most entertaining for the class to hear.

Originally, we tried coming up with a name that had all of our characters initials in it, but that didn’t work out well. So then we tried to have a pun that involved the apocalypse and the names we came up with weren’t very catchy. That’s when we came up with Survivors at Sunrise. I love this name because we are all survivors of the apocalypse.

Below is a promo poster for our radio show. I used Canva for this and it was pretty easy to make, of course I wanted to include a sunrise in the poster because it is in our name! We can’t wait for you guys to hear more about the process of our show and to hear the actual show! 🙂

My Sixth Week Nearing the End

This week overall has been a pretty fun one. I have learned a lot about design that I didn’t know and it has really helped me this week. I started off watching the TED Talk videos and doing the tutorials on Canva. All three were super helpful in helping me decide what kind of designer I wanted to be this week and for the remainder of the semester.

The daily creates this week were fun, I did the one required on Tuesday. Then I did apocalypse logo and art in my daily environment. Both are posted below!

The design blitz this week was fun because it was different than the photo blitz. We had to do it from the design perspective which was really cool, because I think we all learned a lot from it. The alternative book cover for the book we are reading was fun because we got to be creative with what we wanted on the cover. I think that this was one of the most fun assignments this week because being able to create your own book cover is something we don’t get to do every day. So being able to create it and be creative was fun.

The apocalyptic character generator assignment was different, I felt that I didn’t have much room to create my character because my options were very limited. Then having to crop my character into a background was kind of difficult, because when I exported my character she had a white background so I had to get rid of it…a little difficult.

Then the last two assignments I did was an ad for Martha’s lost hat and writing my character’s name in cool letters and fonts. Those two were fun!

This week was pretty fun in general and I feel like I learned a lot from it.

Question of the week:

The group that worked out the best and was the most successful was for my management class last spring in Dr. Gower’s class. My group worked really well together because the entire semester we had to work together. We even had to do 15 hours of volunteering at a non-profit organization outside of class time. We all worked well together because we talked about things we didn’t agree on and came together to figure out a conclusion. I loved that group, we had so much fun!


Generate Cool Letters: Bellamy Reyes

I did the generate cool letters assignment, I used my character’s name, Bellamy Reyes. She is from the islands, so I gave her name tropical colors, with a pretty pattern in her name.  I used a light blue and a brighter orange to outline her name. I decided to use a classy font to write her name. I used to create her name. This was a fun and quick assignment that related to my character.

DesignAssignments DesignAssignments2101

Apocalyptic Character Generator: Bellamy

Here is Bellamy in Puerto Rico, where her and her sister currently are. Bellamy is a survivalist, so she is strong and intelligent. Making my character, I found Hero Machine to be a little difficult to use, I didn’t have many options for my character. Then when I exported my character, I had to crop her myself and get rid of the white background, which was a little difficult to do with my finger on my phone. Overall, I think Bellamy came out pretty good, even though she doesn’t exactly match what I described when I introduced her. I had limited options. Enjoy. 🙂

DesignAssignments DesignAssignments2188