My Daily Creates!

This week I uploaded two of my own daily creates and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully the entire class will be able to get to do one of them!

The first one I created was, Color Your Favorite Animal Your Favorite Color! This is where you take your favorite color and your favorite animal and mix them together. For example, my favorite animal is a turtle (specifically sea turtle) and my favorite color is blue. The result of this would be a blue turtle!

The second one I created was, Your Mood Today as a GIF! This is where you would find a GIF that describes your mood today perfectly. Here is what my mood is today:

These were a lot of fun to create and super easy for anyone to do!

Personal Stories

This is another three star assignment to complete the six stars of video assignments. I enjoyed making this video because it gives you all a glimpse into my life growing up from the very beginning. It was a lot of fun making this video and you get to see a bunch of pictures of me when I was little.

I included pictures of my parents, brothers, boyfriend, and close friends. I of course included pictures of myself as well.


VideoAssignments VideoAssignments2058

Product Review

This is a three star assignment I did. I reviewed the product from Apocalyptic Airwave’s radio show, the She-wee! Obviously, since it’s not a real product I didn’t have one on hand with me in the video but I did a review on it as if I owned one myself.

This is the assignment where I incorporated others stories into an assignment. This was a perfect opportunity for me to use the she-wee for assignment.

My video is below: 🙂

VideoAssignments VideoAssignments154

Character/Genre Song Mashup

The movie I watched was The Quiet Earth 1985. This movie was actually good. It starts off with a guy who wakes up and notices some strange things. He goes on to realize that he is all alone and he thinks he is alone in the world. He starts a radio broadcast telling people that if there is anyone out there that they can find him at his address or by his phone number. He eventually does find a girl and him and her are having a great time. They go out daily searching for other people and can’t find anyone, until one day they find another guy. I don’t want to spoil the movie too much, so if you want to know more, you’ll have to go watch it!

I decided to mix this movie and Home Alone together with the song Sorry by Justin Bieber. Hopefully YouTube doesn’t take my video down and it can stay up for you all to see!!


VideoAssignments VideoAssignments733

My Tenth Week Nearing the End

It is the end of week 10!! Crazy!! This week has been a learning week for me, I have learned a lot about video and I have enjoyed it. I started off with reading How to Read a Movie. I liked this reading because I thought it was insightful and I learned a lot about video that I didn’t know. The four short videos I watched about video also helped me, there wasn’t any speaking in three that I watched but I felt that I learned a lot just by them showing by example.

I did two daily creates this week. The first one I did was the fantasy animal. I used the fantasy animal from the movie Coco. It was too cute to not use.

The second one I did was design an imaginary instrument and this was mine.

The last things I did this week were the path one of video assignments. I did three different assignments to add up to eight stars. They were a lot of fun to me and I think they helped me improve my video skills. I did do one that was directed towards our radio show and I used my character and her segment specifically. You can find this posts under the tab Video Assignments.

Overall, this week has been a learning week but a fun one for me!

Question of the week:

How are the rest of you managing your time in this class? Do you guys find it easy or hard?

Survivors at Sunrise’s Bellamy & Her Dream Life

I went with path one for the video assignments! The video below is a video about Bellamy’s dream life. I decided to stick with my radio show and in particular my character. In the video I picked four things that Bellamy has always dreamed of having and I also explain it and I used things that we talked about from our radio show.


This is a four star assignment: Your Dream as a Movie Trailer

VideoAssignments1981 VideoAssignments

Reading Movie Blogs Post

This assignment has been a pretty insightful one. First, I read How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert. I learned a lot from this because there were many things I didn’t know about movies when they produced them. For example, the character on the right compared to the character on the left. The character on the right is seen as “positive” and the character on the left is seen as “negative.” This just means that the character that is on the right is more dominant than the character on the left. Just from this small reading, I learned a good amount!

The four videos I watched on film making were interesting and kind of entertaining. I watched the Kubrick One-Point Perspective, The Shining Zooms, Tarantino from below, and Hitchcock loves bikinis. These were all videos that I found interesting and I learned something from each. I really liked The Shining zooms video, because they had so many scenes where they zoomed in and out, which I think made the entire movie more suspenseful.  The Tarantino from below was cool because while I was watching it, I realized that many times when the characters would be talking and the camera would be below them, we would be the thing that they are talking to.

The movie that I decided to watch was Night of the Living Dead (1968). This movie was a lot different than any other movie I have ever seen because it is SO old. The way that the camera was held was way different and unstable than it is today. Obviously, the color is different because back in 1968 it was black and white. Also, this movie was supposed to be scary…it definitely wasn’t, almost cheesy. I  guess back in the 60’s it was a lot different though and I am sure many people thought this movie was terrifying then. The video essay I did was from a scene in the beginning when the brother and sister are at the graveyard. I wanted to show the class that the person on the right is more “positive” or dominant over the person on the left. At least that’s how they try to make it seem in the beginning of the movie, but a lot happens within the first ten minutes that changes that. I don’t want to spoil the movie though for everyone reading this that hasn’t seen it. 😉

My video essay is posted below…enjoy!