My Final Two Weeks Nearing the End

The end is hear and I can’t believe it! This semester has been a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot about digital storytelling. The apocalypse theme just made it a whole lot more fun. These past two weeks, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to make my final story about. In the end, I came up with the virus theme of course to tell my story and how the government is trying to keep this apocalyptic virus on the low. I used three elements, writing, design, and visual. I hope that you all enjoy reading my story and that it all ties in to what we did this semester and everything that has happened with us trying to figure out this apocalyptic mystery.

I did seven daily creates within the past two weeks. The first one I did was one that I created.

The second was drawing the most important person in my life, which is my whole family and my boyfriend, but since my family is so big I did a quick sketch of my boyfriend. The third one I did was the ice-cream extravaganza! With my favorite ice cream ever,  coconut chocolate chip ice cream. The fourth was using a GIF to describe my experience with DS 106. The fifth was another one that I created:

The sixth was making a GIF from a scene of our favorite movie and saying why it was our favorite movie. The last one I did was if animals were combined.

Overall, these past two weeks have been fun and I can’t believe this semester is basically over. I have really enjoyed all of the work we have done in this class. I have also enjoyed reading everyone’s blog posts each week and seeing everyone’s creativity. I hope you all have a great summer!!

My Twelfth Week Nearing the End

We are getting SO close to the END!!!! This past week was fun completing all of the assignments surrounding our novels that we read. I hope that the assignments I did helps all of you kind of understand the longest book I have EVER read in my life, The Passage. Long but good. The assignments were fun this week because we had a wide range of assignments that we got to choose from. We just had to make sure we completed twelve stars and that one assignment was five stars. You can see all of my assignments under the tab: The Passage Assignments.

The evidence portion of this week was fun because I thought outside of the box when finding some evidence and I think what I found or figured out is something that is definitely happening around here at UMW.

Anyway, I enjoyed this week and I honestly can’t believe we are THIS close to the end of the semester!!


Question of the week:

The thing to my right is the only thing that I can use as a weapon to survive the apocalypse…this is pathetic, it is a water bottle. I mean I guess I can throw it at people when necessary to buy time so I can run away. I can also use it to drink water to stay hydrated. Honestly though, I don’t think a water bottle will help me survive.

My Eleventh Week Nearing the End

Can you believe it is week eleven?! I can’t. This means I am getting closer and closer to graduating, which is crazy! This week was a fun week. I started off watching The Quiet Earth and creating a genre mashup with a pop song added onto it. I then answered the ten apocalyptic questions and those were fun/funny. I did the six stars of video assignments because I chose path one. I also created two daily creates which were fun to do. Lastly, I did two daily creates this week!

The first one I did was the required story telling one, where we added on to the person in front of us tweet with a GIF. This was fun and after everyone did it and I looked at our story…it was quite funny and interesting.

The second daily create I did was the one where we had to create a playlist that we would listen to while escaping the apocalypse. Below is my playlist!

Question of the week:

If I hear on the radio that the end has started, I would immediately drive home and call my parents, siblings, and boyfriend to tell them to gather everything necessary. Then I would tell them to seek shelter all together and we would all stick together to survive the end together!

My Tenth Week Nearing the End

It is the end of week 10!! Crazy!! This week has been a learning week for me, I have learned a lot about video and I have enjoyed it. I started off with reading How to Read a Movie. I liked this reading because I thought it was insightful and I learned a lot about video that I didn’t know. The four short videos I watched about video also helped me, there wasn’t any speaking in three that I watched but I felt that I learned a lot just by them showing by example.

I did two daily creates this week. The first one I did was the fantasy animal. I used the fantasy animal from the movie Coco. It was too cute to not use.

The second one I did was design an imaginary instrument and this was mine.

The last things I did this week were the path one of video assignments. I did three different assignments to add up to eight stars. They were a lot of fun to me and I think they helped me improve my video skills. I did do one that was directed towards our radio show and I used my character and her segment specifically. You can find this posts under the tab Video Assignments.

Overall, this week has been a learning week but a fun one for me!

Question of the week:

How are the rest of you managing your time in this class? Do you guys find it easy or hard?

My Ninth Week Nearing the End

I can’t believe it has been nine weeks already…this semester sure is flying by! This past week has overall been a pretty relaxing one, at least in this class, thankfully! My other classes have definitely been a handful. I listened to my group’s radio show and one other group this past week. I enjoyed listening to them when I got the chance, because it was interesting to see what we did different than other groups.

I did three daily creates this week, they were all pretty fun and quick. The first one I did was giving my favorite animal species a different name. I picked a sea lion and gave it the name sea dog. I gave it this name because, sea lions are just like dogs, they are nice, they are playful, they can play catch (with fish), and they typically like people!

The second one I did was the question of cats or dogs? I definitely said both, but I leaned toward cats because I just recently got two Bengal kittens. I do have another cat and two other dogs, but with two kittens…they are so tiny and playful! I definitely love both cats and dogs equally though.

The last one I did was the still life daily create. We have some flowers sitting in the middle of our table so I decided to quickly sketch out one of them to recreate it. This took me about two minutes to draw and I used my little brother’s sketch book and crayons to do this. 🙂

I REALLY enjoyed this week because this class was more relaxed than my others, so when it was time for me to do work in here I felt like I was taking a break from my other classes and doing something that doesn’t stress me out too much.

Question of the week:

The one thing that I couldn’t live without in the apocalypse would be ChapStick. My lips are addicted to ChapStick, I have to have it on me at all times so that when my lips feel dry, I can put it on. I don’t lick my lips ever but I also make sure that my lips are always moisturized with ChapStick. The way that I would obtain this in the apocalypse wouldn’t be hard because I would have at least five with me if I knew the apocalypse was happening so that they could last me a long time…I would definitely be wise with how much I used per day to make sure five would last me through the entire apocalypse. Dry lips are not for me…I even mentioned this in the radio show as my character Bellamy. 🙂

My Past Two Weeks Nearing the End

The past two weeks have been pretty fun and relaxing for the most part. I finished up my novel The Passage, which I really enjoyed, but man, was that a LONG book. I did four daily creates, I did the two we were required to do and I did the animal swap and manga me daily creates! Those were fun and my tweets are posted below.

The radio show has been fun overall. I wish that I had been able to meet with my group in person both of the times that they met. Unfortunately, with work and being a commuter I was unable to do so. I am meeting with them tomorrow though because I don’t have work and we are going to finalize everything. I think that putting this radio show together has been different for me because I have never done something like this before. It is definitely fun because you are able to be creative with it. I like that we can be funny but serious at the same time.

Overall, I have enjoyed this and I can’t believe we are really nearing the is coming SO quick.

Question of the week:

If the apocalypse happened and I had to become something else I would become a vampire. I think that vampires are cool because they live forever and they can run SUPER fast. I am definitely one of those people that thinks of the Twilight series when I think about vampires. The only downfall of being a vampire would be having to drink blood. I guess if I am a vampire, I would get used to it and figure out fast that if I don’t drink it, I may not last.

My Sixth Week Nearing the End

This week overall has been a pretty fun one. I have learned a lot about design that I didn’t know and it has really helped me this week. I started off watching the TED Talk videos and doing the tutorials on Canva. All three were super helpful in helping me decide what kind of designer I wanted to be this week and for the remainder of the semester.

The daily creates this week were fun, I did the one required on Tuesday. Then I did apocalypse logo and art in my daily environment. Both are posted below!

The design blitz this week was fun because it was different than the photo blitz. We had to do it from the design perspective which was really cool, because I think we all learned a lot from it. The alternative book cover for the book we are reading was fun because we got to be creative with what we wanted on the cover. I think that this was one of the most fun assignments this week because being able to create your own book cover is something we don’t get to do every day. So being able to create it and be creative was fun.

The apocalyptic character generator assignment was different, I felt that I didn’t have much room to create my character because my options were very limited. Then having to crop my character into a background was kind of difficult, because when I exported my character she had a white background so I had to get rid of it…a little difficult.

Then the last two assignments I did was an ad for Martha’s lost hat and writing my character’s name in cool letters and fonts. Those two were fun!

This week was pretty fun in general and I feel like I learned a lot from it.

Question of the week:

The group that worked out the best and was the most successful was for my management class last spring in Dr. Gower’s class. My group worked really well together because the entire semester we had to work together. We even had to do 15 hours of volunteering at a non-profit organization outside of class time. We all worked well together because we talked about things we didn’t agree on and came together to figure out a conclusion. I loved that group, we had so much fun!


My Fifth Week Nearing the End

This week has been pretty interesting. I have enjoyed all of the audio things we have done this week! On Thursday I listened to a story on DS106 Radio and the story I listened to was pretty interesting, especially with the sound effects. I enjoyed live tweeting with everyone, I thought that was a lot of fun.

This week I introduced my character Bellamy Reyes, who is one tough girl. I enjoyed writing about her past because I was able to create her the way that I wanted to and I had no boundaries.  The Frequency 2156 assignment was good for the most part, until I went to upload it on the website and it wouldn’t work. 🙁 So I uploaded it to SoundCloud where I then embedded it into my post. I used Audacity to create all of my audio assignments this week. I love Audacity because it is so easy to use and I have used it many times before. The two audio assignments I did were Call Me, Beep Me and A collection of your favorite sounds. For Call Me, Beep Me I acted like I was Alice from Finis, the short story we read a few weeks ago. I thought this was fun because I was able to act like how I thought she would act if she called her mom an hour before she died. The collection of my favorite sounds consisted of the ocean, birds, waterfalls, and rain….can you tell I like water? That was fun and soothing to do at the same time because I got to listen to all of those noises.

Lastly, I did our self evaluations, which I enjoyed doing because I like when professors want their class to rate themselves and for the students to reflect on everything they have done.

Question of the week:

Overall, I am feeling really good. I feel like each week we are learning new things and we are able to use these things through our assignments so that we get a better understanding. I definitely don’t feel overwhelmed in this class.  I get my work done fairly quickly. I think it is enjoyable and definitely something that we can all have fun in.

My Fourth Week Nearing the End

This week was, for the most part, a lot of fun. I love taking pictures and being creative and this week I got to do just that! First I started out with watching the weekly video to get an idea of what was going to be happening this week. I then looked at the photography tips and gallery of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.  In that post I included what I learned from the tips, what the photographer used at that base, and the photo blitz assignment. I enjoyed the photo blitz assignment because we had a time constraint to complete the seven prompts. I thought it was a lot of fun because we were kind of under pressure to be creative.

Photoblitz! #theend106 #ds106 #photoblitz

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I did the Before and After the End assignment, I thought this was a quick assignment. I decided to use an app that had cool filters to show my after picture of the apocalypse. The second assignment I did to complete my stars, was the favorite photo picture which was easy for me. I love sunsets and there was one sunset picture that I had taken that I absolutely love…pictured below. 🙂

Watching the short film and actual movie this week was my least favorite part. I really enjoyed the movie The Road, but I didn’t like La Jetee very much. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. Yes it was educational in a sense that we saw a film that was produced out of still frames and that was it. I left these for last because I was not looking forward to sitting down and watching a movie that I didn’t pick.

The Daily Creates were fun this week! The first one I did was telling someone how much they mean to me, then telling all of you.

The second one I did was my mutant self. I decided that if there was going to be a mutant of me, she would have four eyes instead of two.

I really enjoyed the daily creates this week!

Question of the week:

Depending on the GIF, I do think that some of them could be considered a story. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words,” if a picture is moving for a couple of seconds then it could be worth a million words and we can create our own story with what we think is happening. Like the GIF I posted below, we can tell that they probably haven’t seen each other in awhile and something scary happened to where they thought they were never going to see each other again. 

My Third Week Nearing the End

This week, I did a lot of writing. Not that I minded it, because I love writing and being creative with it. I started my week off with doing The Daily Create on Tuesday. This was a lot of fun because I was able to be creative with it and create a mini story.

I did two other Daily Creates, the first was on backwards day so I decided to post a picture of a guy riding his bike backwards…you don’t see that everyday! The second was the Generator Powered Stories, the story that I got was very interesting and probably something I or anyone would never read.

Throughout the week, I took each assignment slowly and thought about them each. The first one I did was the reading reflections of the two short stories we had to read. I actually really enjoyed reading the short stories, especially FinisI thought this story got interesting as it climaxed. This was actually the story I used to create an alternate ending. The ending I created for this short story was much different from its original ending. Instead of ending life, I saved Alice and Eastwood’s life. I liked creating an alternate ending for a story that was already published because I was able to end it the way that I thought it would end best.

The Amazon product review was probably the funniest assignment I have ever done. Just because anyone in the world could see my comment about the product and how it helped me survive the apocalypse! So people might think I am crazy if they ever come across my comment, but that’s okay. 😉 Finding a product wasn’t very hard because I just thought of a survival kit and I happened to come across the handy bracelet.

I really enjoyed doing all of these assignments, because  I really like writing. I enjoyed being able to choose two assignments out of the Assignment Bank on my own because that gave the class some freedom and the ability to choose what we are interested in with things that relate to the apocalypse. I chose the Apocalypse Terms of Service and The End Is For Everything.

Question of the week:

In the event of an apocalypse, I think that I would be the person to share my supplies with those around me in need. I am a very helpful and caring person so I wouldn’t be able to see someone suffer knowing that I have things that could help them to survive. I would definitely help and share my supplies with my family and loved ones but also the people that really need them.

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