Phake Tweets

This is a two star assignment. I decided to do this because I thought it would be fun to be a six year old tweeting. I created two tweets that involve some things that happened in the book. I used the link under the assignment to create the tweets then I pasted them onto canva so I could add in the picture of Amy.

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The Passage Alternative Book a GIF!!

This is a five star assignment and man was it harder than I thought it was going to be. I decided to do this because I liked the original one and thought it would be fun to make a GIF book cover. Well, it was hard, but I did it. It is not the same image as my previous one so this is another alternative book cover, lots and lots of options for Justin Cronin if he ever wants to change the cover! I stuck with the tree theme but this time I included some rain. I downloaded a gif maker app that allowed me to make one!

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Let’s See Some ID

Here is Amy Harper Bellafonte’s military facility ID where she is a test subject for this virus.

I decided to do this three star assignment because I wanted to create something for the main character of the book and this was the perfect opportunity to be creative with it at the same time. I googled pictures that seemed familiar and this was what I could find to best fit six year old Amy.  I used Canva for this assignment!


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What’s the Meme?

This is the start of the 12 star assignments that I will be completing revolving around the book The Passage by Justin Cronin. This is a two star assignment and the meme I created is a confused, young girl and the meme is basically about her mom leaving her at a convent with a Sister. So one, her mom just abandons her and two, her mom leaves her to live with a stranger(s). I decided to use this picture because it is funny and it is a popular picture. Also, it seemed fitting for the situation that occurred in the book.

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