Survivors at Sunrise Reflection

This is my final reflection post of our radio show! Overall, I really enjoyed doing this. I finally got to meet my group in person to do a final recording last Monday and it was a lot of fun. They were all so nice and fun, I enjoyed it.

Listening to our radio show, I thought we did a good job. We were entertaining and our segments weren’t too long to where the rest of the class would get bored while they were listening. Honestly, while I was listening, I thought it flew by so fast. I got to listen to the other radio show that went before ours, because it was a night that I got off of work early (yay!!) and the #apocairwave show was SO good. Their sound effects were amazing and the story overall was so interesting. They did really well putting it together and I LOVED their bumpers.


Survivors at Sunrise Radio Show

This is another progress post about how our radio show is going! This past week we recorded our individual parts. I, again, was unable to meet in person as I work every afternoon/night Monday through Thursday and my group met on Wednesday evening. I did record my part though at home and I sent it to Elaina, who is editing our radio show because she is great with audio!

We are meeting up tomorrow to finalize our show and get it sent to our professor. We are so excited for everyone to hear it, I think you all are going to enjoy it and definitely be entertained by it!

Can’t wait for you guys to listen to the Survivors at Sunrise this week. 🙂

Survivors at Sunrise

Elaina, Lauren, Jillian, and I all met in the HCC and over factime the Friday before spring break. I was the one that couldn’t meet in person as I am a commuter and I got done with class really early. We discussed a lot of ideas together and came up with a bunch! We then had to narrow them down to what we thought would be the best and most entertaining for the class to hear.

Originally, we tried coming up with a name that had all of our characters initials in it, but that didn’t work out well. So then we tried to have a pun that involved the apocalypse and the names we came up with weren’t very catchy. That’s when we came up with Survivors at Sunrise. I love this name because we are all survivors of the apocalypse.

Below is a promo poster for our radio show. I used Canva for this and it was pretty easy to make, of course I wanted to include a sunrise in the poster because it is in our name! We can’t wait for you guys to hear more about the process of our show and to hear the actual show! 🙂