Generate Cool Letters Revamp

The assignment I decided to revise was the generate cool letters assignment. The reason I decided to redo this assignment was because I felt that my original one was rushed and I didn’t take my time designing it. I used my character’s name and I talked about how I used tropical colors, well it looked more groovy than tropical.

My character, Bellamy, is from the Caribbean and so when I went back on the generator, I looked around and I actually came across a Caribbean font, the one below. I decided to use it and I used the tropical colors of blue and orange, but I also used grey to give it some boldness. I like this one a lot more than I like my original, I definitely spent more time on it. DesignAssignments DesignAssignments2101

Generate Cool Letters: Bellamy Reyes

I did the generate cool letters assignment, I used my character’s name, Bellamy Reyes. She is from the islands, so I gave her name tropical colors, with a pretty pattern in her name.  I used a light blue and a brighter orange to outline her name. I decided to use a classy font to write her name. I used to create her name. This was a fun and quick assignment that related to my character.

DesignAssignments DesignAssignments2101

Apocalyptic Character Generator: Bellamy

Here is Bellamy in Puerto Rico, where her and her sister currently are. Bellamy is a survivalist, so she is strong and intelligent. Making my character, I found Hero Machine to be a little difficult to use, I didn’t have many options for my character. Then when I exported my character, I had to crop her myself and get rid of the white background, which was a little difficult to do with my finger on my phone. Overall, I think Bellamy came out pretty good, even though she doesn’t exactly match what I described when I introduced her. I had limited options. Enjoy. 🙂

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Alternative Book Cover: The Passage

I decided to use Canva for this assignment. I used a template that was already created and changed the picture and titles. I decided to stick with the woods theme since this book is about survival and catastrophe with a girl and saving a destroyed world. I liked this picture of the woods because it was kind of dark and gloomy, but the sun is still peeking through the trees. I used white since the image itself was darker but had accents of white in the top right from the sun. I like the font because it kind of gives the book a bit of a mystery feeling to it. I enjoyed making this book cover and thought it was fun deciding what I think this book cover should actually look like!

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Design Blitz

#DesignBlitz : Alignment, Hierarchy, Repetition, Balance, & Color #ds106 #theend106

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Above is my design blitz that I did. I decided to use my windows for alignment because they all have a connection by being the same size and evenly spaced apart. I used my Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes for hierarchy because they have Burt’s Bee’s in the biggest font and facial cleansing towelette’s just a little bit smaller and in a different color to show which is the most important. As you go down the font gets smaller. I used my little brother’s basket for repetition, because it shows the same sports over in the same pattern through the entire basket. For balance, I used my Louis Vuitton purse to show the stability and even spacing throughout. Lastly, I used the Frosted Mini Wheats cereal box for color, this has a good amount of colors in it and it depicts what mood you feel when looking at it. The main color is orange which usually means happiness or encouragement.

Behind the making of this post:

I really enjoyed doing this design blitz because I had to be creative throughout the week and think of each of the basic principles when I saw things. I thought it was going to be pretty easy at first, but it wasn’t. The principles are helpful when it comes to design. I thought when I saw certain things that they would fit into one of the principles, but many times they didn’t. I enjoyed this assignment overall! 🙂

Design Reflection

Overall, I enjoyed watching the TED Talks. I thought that both of them were very different, but I liked that. I really love Paula Scher’s work, she is creative and fun. Her work is straightforward in a way and she has fun with her designs.

David Carson and his designs are much different than Paula’s…I would definitely say his are a bit more out of the ordinary in the design world. David is someone, I think, who wants to be known as different and not the same as every other designer. Which I like that we watched both videos because we were able to get a feel of what designers are like and how they relate and differ. This gives us the idea of how we want to be in a designing perspective.

For the Canva design tutorials, I thought they were all really helpful. I thought I knew a good amount about design, I was wrong. Canva really showed me different ways to do things whether it was with branding, layouts, images, etc. I actually ended up doing more than seven tutorials because I was so interested in learning more, that I just kept going!

I think all three of these resources give me a better understanding of what goes on with design and how it works. I think that I have learned a lot about how I want to be as a designer through the two TED Talks. I think I got to see two very different designers and relate with one of them over the other. I definitely related more with Paula Scher and her designs because they are fun and easier to understand than David Carson’s.  I think that my designs are going to be fun and creative, but definitely easy to understand. Canva is a good tool and learning through those tutorials, I think will really help me this week.