My Favorite Sounds

Below is a compilation of some of my favorite sounds. When I was thinking about what sounds I love, the sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the beach came to mind. Then the sound of birds chirping, because they always chirp when it is a beautiful day…reminds me of a pretty spring day. Then I added a waterfall sound because I think they are tranquil when they are small waterfalls. Lastly, I added the sound of rain, because even though I don’t like rain, I do like the sound of it. It reminds me of the sound of a fan, which I have to have when I sleep, so the sound of rain can put me to sleep also.

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Call Me, Beep Me

I decided to do this assignment, because I thought that it would be fun. The character I portrayed was Alice from the short story Finis. I thought she would be an interesting character to be calling her mom to tell her what was happening. Also, to tell her that she needed love before she died in an hour….which is why she told Eastwood to kiss her…cliche world ending story type of end. So I, Alice, told my mom all about what was happening and how that needed to happen before I died.

I uploaded it to SoundCloud which is posted below…enjoy!

The making of this post:

I pretty much summed up my reasoning for everything up above. 🙂

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Frequency 2156…Can You Hear Me?

The Frequency 2156 website is pretty cool overall. It tells a story through different areas of the world where people put in audio after what seems like the apocalypse. I think they did a good job because when you listen to different audios you get an image in your head of where that person is and what they might be going through. One thing I would change about the website is the uploading part…it takes an awful long time. My clip was only ten seconds but it never uploaded. I put my location in Fredericksburg, VA at UMW because it wouldn’t let me choose my own location and that location existed, from I believe another classmate. I added my clip to SoundCloud, which is posted below. 🙂

The making of this post and audio:

For this audio I did, I added white noise, then I added effects to my voice in Audacity. I used the distortion and phaser, these two made my voice sound a little bit different which I liked. I really wanted it to sound like I needed help and was in desperate need of finding out that someone else was alive in this frequency and could respond to me.

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Reading and Resource Reflection

Watching the video of Jad Abumrad explain how radio works was very insightful. What he talked about made so much sense to me. Especially when he mentioned the fact that audio is like him giving the audience a paint brush and us painting the picture with what he is saying. It gives us the freedom of imagining what we are hearing. Of course pictures are great but when you are just listening to something or someone describing things you create an image of what they are saying in your head and I love that.

I learned that you have to use your words to create graphic images for the audience. If you are telling a story over the radio and you aren’t using any specific descriptions, it is going to be hard for your audience to imagine that picture in their head while you are telling the story.

Coming into this class I had a pretty good amount of audio experience. I was on my high school’s dance team throughout all of high school and my senior year I was a captain. So I cut all of the music, and I used Audacity! I absolutely love audacity, it is easy to use and I have probably cut over 50 dances with over 100 songs between all of the dances. I definitely have some experience with Audacity, to say the least! I have never used SoundCloud before, but I am looking forward to using it. I also am looking forward to expanding my experience and knowledge with audio.