My Fifth Week Nearing the End

This week has been pretty interesting. I have enjoyed all of the audio things we have done this week! On Thursday I listened to a story on DS106 Radio and the story I listened to was pretty interesting, especially with the sound effects. I enjoyed live tweeting with everyone, I thought that was a lot of fun.

This week I introduced my character Bellamy Reyes, who is one tough girl. I enjoyed writing about her past because I was able to create her the way that I wanted to and I had no boundaries.¬† The Frequency 2156 assignment was good for the most part, until I went to upload it on the website and it wouldn’t work. ūüôĀ So I uploaded it to SoundCloud where I then embedded it into my post. I used Audacity to create all of my audio assignments this week. I love Audacity because it is so easy to use and I have used it many times before. The two audio assignments I did were Call Me, Beep Me and A collection of your favorite sounds. For Call Me, Beep Me I acted like I was Alice from¬†Finis, the short story we read a few weeks ago. I thought this was fun because I was able to act like how I thought she would act if she called her mom an hour before she died. The collection of my favorite sounds consisted of the ocean, birds, waterfalls, and rain….can you tell I like water? That was fun and soothing to do at the same time because I got to listen to all of those noises.

Lastly, I did our self evaluations, which I enjoyed doing because I like when professors want their class to rate themselves and for the students to reflect on everything they have done.

Question of the week:

Overall, I am feeling really good. I feel like each week we are learning new things and we are able to use these things through our assignments so that we get a better understanding. I definitely don’t feel overwhelmed in this class.¬† I get my work done fairly quickly. I think it is enjoyable and definitely something that we can all have fun in.

My Favorite Sounds

Below is a compilation of some of my favorite sounds. When I was thinking about what sounds I love, the sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the beach came to mind. Then the sound of birds chirping, because they always chirp when it is a beautiful day…reminds me of a pretty spring day. Then I added a waterfall sound because I think they are tranquil when they are small waterfalls. Lastly, I added the sound of rain, because even though I don’t like rain, I do like the sound of it. It reminds me of the sound of a fan, which I have to have when I sleep, so the sound of rain can put me to sleep also.

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Call Me, Beep Me

I decided to do this assignment, because I thought that it would be fun. The character I portrayed was Alice from the short story¬†Finis.¬†I thought she would be an interesting character to be calling her mom to tell her what was happening. Also, to tell her that she needed love before she died in an hour….which is why she told Eastwood to kiss her…cliche¬†world ending story type of end. So I, Alice, told my mom all about what was happening and how that needed to happen before I died.

I uploaded it to SoundCloud which is posted below…enjoy!

The making of this post:

I pretty much summed up my reasoning for everything up above. ūüôā

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Frequency 2156…Can You Hear Me?

The Frequency 2156 website is pretty cool overall. It tells a story through different areas of the world where people put in audio after what seems like the apocalypse. I think they did a good job because when you listen to different audios you get an image in your head of where that person is and what they might be going through. One thing I would change about the website is the uploading part…it takes an awful long time. My clip was only ten seconds but it never uploaded. I put my location in Fredericksburg, VA at UMW because it wouldn’t let me choose my own location and that location existed, from I believe another classmate. I added my clip to SoundCloud, which is posted below. ūüôā

The making of this post and audio:

For this audio I did, I added white noise, then I added effects to my voice in Audacity. I used the distortion and phaser, these two made my voice sound a little bit different which I liked. I really wanted it to sound like I needed help and was in desperate need of finding out that someone else was alive in this frequency and could respond to me.

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Reading and Resource Reflection

Watching the video of Jad Abumrad explain how radio works was very insightful. What he talked about made so much sense to me. Especially when he mentioned the fact that audio is like him giving the audience a paint brush and us painting the picture with what he is saying. It gives us the freedom of imagining what we are hearing. Of course pictures are great but when you are just listening to something or someone describing things you create an image of what they are saying in your head and I love that.

I learned that you have to use your words to create graphic images for the audience. If you are telling a story over the radio and you aren’t using any specific descriptions, it is going to be hard for your audience to imagine that picture in their head while you are telling the story.

Coming into this class I had a pretty good amount of audio experience. I was on my high school’s dance team throughout all of high school and my senior year I was a captain. So I cut all of the music, and I used Audacity! I absolutely love audacity, it is easy to use and I have probably cut over 50 dances with over 100 songs between all of the dances. I definitely have some experience with Audacity, to say the least! I have never used SoundCloud before, but I am looking forward to using it. I also am looking forward to expanding my experience and knowledge with audio.

Who is Bellamy Reyes?

Bellamy Reyes is one tough girl, from her childhood to being a young adult she has been shaped to be tough, strong, intelligent, determined, and curious. She is who we would call a Survivalist. Bellamy was born on May 6, 2000, she is 17 today. Bellamy has tan skin, golden, curly hair, and green eyes.¬†She grew up with three siblings, two older brothers and one younger sister.¬† They all have the same features. They all grew up on a small island down near Dominican Republic with their parents. She lived in a small village where only the Reyes family could live. They were a tight family. That was until an invasion happened in their village, where Bellamy’s parents got killed and her two older brothers got kidnapped and taken away. Bellamy hasn’t seen her brothers since that day back in 2010. As a ten year old, she had to take care of her little sister who was only four. Bellamy had to grow up really fast and become a parent figure to her sister, Paisley.

Living on an island had its benefits for Bellamy, because she was able to get fish almost everyday for her and Paisley. Through the years as she has gotten older she has been faced with some challenges. More invasions, leading to her sister almost getting kidnapped and Bellamy almost getting killed. Bellamy never gave up though, at one point she fought off these invaders with a broken leg and broken clavicle. This has made Bellamy a strong, determined young adult. She was someone who didn’t feel safe on her island, so she was able to find and steal a boat to sail towards Puerto Rico. This is where Bellamy and Paisley are today.

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My Fourth Week Nearing the End

This week was, for the most part, a lot of fun. I love taking pictures and being creative and this week I got to do just that! First I started out with watching the weekly video to get an idea of what was going to be happening this week. I then looked at the photography tips and gallery of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.  In that post I included what I learned from the tips, what the photographer used at that base, and the photo blitz assignment. I enjoyed the photo blitz assignment because we had a time constraint to complete the seven prompts. I thought it was a lot of fun because we were kind of under pressure to be creative.

Photoblitz! #theend106 #ds106 #photoblitz

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I did the Before and After the End assignment, I thought this was a quick assignment. I decided to use an app that had cool filters to show my after picture of the apocalypse. The second assignment I did to complete my stars, was the favorite photo picture which was easy for me. I love sunsets and there was one sunset picture that I had taken that I absolutely love…pictured below. ūüôā

Watching the short film and actual movie this week was my least favorite part. I really enjoyed the movie¬†The Road,¬†but I didn’t like¬†La Jetee¬†very much. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. Yes it was educational in a sense that we saw a film that was produced out of still frames and that was it. I left these for last because I was not looking forward to sitting down and watching a movie that I didn’t pick.

The Daily Creates were fun this week! The first one I did was telling someone how much they mean to me, then telling all of you.

The second one I did was my mutant self. I decided that if there was going to be a mutant of me, she would have four eyes instead of two.

I really enjoyed the daily creates this week!

Question of the week:

Depending on the GIF, I do think that some of them could be considered a story. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words,” if a picture is moving for a couple of seconds then it could be worth a million words and we can create our own story with what we think is happening. Like the GIF I posted below, we can tell that they probably haven’t seen each other in awhile and something scary happened to where they thought they were never going to see each other again.¬†

Movie Reflections and a GIF

When I was watching La Jetee, at first I was confused as to why we were watching a French film, then I figured it out. With the images throughout the film to tell the story instead of live action, showed us a different perspective on story telling through films. I do think that Terry Gilliam did a good job with this because while watching, I knew what was going on in each frame. In my personal opinion, I was not a big fan of it. I like live action movies instead of pictures and a narrator. I will say that it was a different, but interesting film.

Image result for la jetee

I decided to watch The Road for the long film we had to choose to watch. This film I really enjoyed. It was realistic, because this man and his son were survivors of an apocalypse and it shows their journey through the post-apocalypse. It showed their everyday struggles from looking for food to finding shelter and warmth when it was cold and rainy outside. The director created visuals where it drew the audience in to give us the emotion we should be feeling while watching a certain scene. I definitely had empathy for the father and son, because it was sad to see all of the things they went through when their life should have been normal if the apocalypse didn’t happen.

The gif I created is from a scene from this movie where the man is running while holding his son. This scene happened when they were chasing after a thief who stole their stuff. It shows the reality of what would happen if the apocalypse did happen and what people would do in order to survive.

The making of this post:

I watched La Jetee first and although it was meant to show us a different form of a film, I honestly did not enjoy it very much. I enjoyed The Road because it showed a real life perspective and there was nothing that was unrealistic, which I liked. It definitely kept me interested the entire time.

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My Favorite Photo

Below is my favorite photo I have taken. The reason why this is my favorite picture is because I love sunsets. Sunsets are so breathtaking and magical, they almost don’t seem real sometimes. That is what I felt when I was taking this picture and when I still look at this picture. It is breathtaking to me. It is a calming picture with accents of blue, purple, pink, and orange. The water that day was so calm and it was a warm night…my favorite kind of nights. I just felt at peace at the time of this picture. I can never pass up a good sunset and this one in particular was my favorite and my favorite picture I have taken in general.

Making this post:

When I was deciding on what picture I thought was my favorite that I took, I went through a lot of my family that I love. I decided to choose this one because it such a peaceful picture that anyone can relate to when I describe and talk about the way I feel towards it.

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Before and After the End

Below are the before and after pictures of surviving the apocalypse. It has been a rough journey trying to survive the apocalypse, but I did it.


The making of this post:

When deciding what I wanted to create for a before and after for the end, I thought it would be best if I used myself to show what it would look like if someone survived the apocalypse. This is what I think I would look like after, skin broken and discolored. This apocalypse would definitely be one that related to something nuclear or something with aliens. Since I did turn blue and my skin is not normal anymore. I used an app that had different filters where it added to your face, this one caught my eye! Definitely thought it’d be perfect for the apocalypse theme.

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